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I personally endorse Coach P for State House Representative. I fully support Coach P and his Team on their campaign for candidacy. I consent to have my name and endorsement posted on this site and any publications which may contribute to supporting the Coach P campaign.

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  • When it comes to deciding who would best represent the district in which I live in and represent us in the Florida capitol, I look for a leader with great leadership qualities, integrity, dedication and what he or she has done for us, along representing our interest.

    I have been fortunate to have met the honorable state representative personally in his walks throughout the community, and able to ask him many questions on issues that affect our district, my industry and my way of life, which is what many of us would ask of one of our leaders. He gave me the time and audience and has kept a great line of communication which is a great asset that our leaders and representative should give us.

    He stands strong on our children’s education thus being a teacher and mentor. He has great support for our veterans and their interest which is a plus for me being a veteran. He understands the importance of home ownership rights, and strong family values. His service as a state legislature has been one that receives praises because I have observed the many endorsements he has received from many of the same civic organizations I belong too. I feel their endorsements are a key indicator as to the type of leader he is.

    It has been a pleasure and honor to have met state legislature Rene Plasencia. I have observed the community support and the many endorsements he has received, which has compelled me to vote and endorse him. “I Support RENE PLASCENCIA For State Representative”

    Guy Sanchez Jr

    Real Estate Broker & War Veteran

    Member: Orlando Regional Realtors Association & Florida Realtors Association / VFW post 4287 & 2093 Orlando

  • Coach P is one of the hardest working people I know. He is a teacher, a coach, and a strong leader who cares deeply about our students, our schools, and the future of our state. That’s why I am endorsing him in the Republican primary for State Representative.

    Steve Crisafulli

    Speaker of the House

    Florida House of Representatives

  • ‘Coach P’ is not only passionate about Florida’s educational future, but is also a strong advocate of public safety, gun rights, Florida growth, and protecting our Constitution. His experience and leadership is exactly what we need in Tallahassee at the exact right time. I believe that ‘Coach P’ has the ability to put together a winning team and vision in Tallahassee that will move the State forward as the leader in education while also guaranteeing that our citizens, our cops, and our Constitutional Rights are all protected for decades to come.

    Sheriff Wayne Ivey


    Brevard County Chief Law Enforcement Officer

  • Small business owners are facing huge workers compensation hikes from bad Florida Supreme Court opinions. Electing a pro-small business legislature has never been more important. Rene Plasencia has demonstrated that he genuinely understands the challenges that small business owners in Florida are facing. Our endorsement is based on Rene Plasencia’s voting record, interview, and questionnaire regarding key small-business issues including healthcare, taxes, tort, labor, and regulatory issues.

    Bill Herrle

    NFIB/Florida Executive Director

    National Federation of Independent Business

  • The Cocoa Beach Hotel and Motel Political Action Association has chosen to endorse State Representative Rene “Coach P” Plasencia in the race for Florida House in District 50.

    Tourism is critical to Brevard County and the state of Florida. We need people on all levels of government that understand this fully and will work assiduously to support this industry. Rene Plasencia has the qualities that we all want in our elected representatives; common sense, and an open minded approach to all of the issues, with a touch of humility.

    Tom Williamson


    Cocoa Beach Hotel and Motel Political Action Association

  • As mothers, we want the very best for our children – and as advocates, we expect our leaders to ensure that their well-being comes first. Representative Rene Plasencia has proven time and time again that our children are his priority. He is accessible to his constituents and knows that he works for PEOPLE whose interests he is obliged to represent. It is our honor to endorse his re-election campaign. He will serve District 50 well.

    Amy Narvaez, Angela Browning, and Roberta Brandenburg


    Recess for all Orange County/Florida Students!

  • I am pleased to say that Brevard County Professional Firefighters Local 2969 has decided to endorse Rene Plasencia for the State House of Representatives, District 50 position.

    Richard Pierce


    Brevard County Professional Firefighters

  • When speaking to legislative committees, I have found “Coach P” very attentive on issues. His assessment on the campus carry bill that proponents relied upon facts while opponents relied upon emotion was spot on. He has placed facts and principles above dollars in opposing red light cameras.

    Paul Henry



  • It is a tremendous honor to highly endorse Rene Plasencia for the State of Florida House of Representatives. I have known Rene for the past 24 years. While in high school, Rene was an outgoing, dedicated student athlete. While most teenagers struggled with fitting in, Rene was an example early on of remaining an individual. His exceptional commitment to what he believed in was evident many years ago.

    I have watched Rene mature into a passionate educator and inspiring coach. His innate leadership qualities result in success for the students in his classroom as well as those he guides in cross country and track. Yet, Rene’s determination to create a better today…a better tomorrow for his students is mirrored in his relentless pursuit to bring positive change. While discussing his vision for the community I am in awe of his determination, resourcefulness and enthusiasm to represent [the district] with integrity and heart.

    I am proud to highly endorse Rene Plasencia.

    Jennifer Bohn

    Orange County Public School’s Teacher of the Year 2009, Florida Department of Education Teacher of the Year Finalist 2009

  • Let me begin by saying how much I admire Rene for pursuing a seat with the Florida House of Representatives, knowing the amount of time, personal effort and sacrifice required to be the liaison for the people of our great State.

    Over the last twelve plus years we have gotten to know Rene as ‘one of the family’ and feel certain that his representation would be second to none. Rene’s cordial personality and strong work ethic will be the foundation for the improvements that lie ahead and that, coupled with his integrity, will allow Rene to provide us all with a ‘voice’ that can and will make a positive difference.

    Rene, we are all proud that you have made a commitment, once elected, to be our State Representative which is truly appreciated. Know that we stand fast in our support of your campaign, your integrity and your future.

    Rex Godber


    Delta G Inc d/b/a ShirtWorks

  • Rene Plasencia is an individual that inspires others to find a way to give back. He is truly in touch with the community due to his involvement with public schools. Rene’s career as a coach and teacher are beyond reproach as he has a reputation amongst those he knows as being intrinsically motivated, compassionate, and honest.

    When Rene speaks, people listen as his message is motivational, heartfelt, genuine, and guided by ethical principles. As a former colleague and personal friend of Rene’s, I feel honored to support his effort to pursue politics as he will be the type of leader that our community will be proud to support in public office.

    Michelle Nunez

    Assistant Principal

    Teague Middle School

  • Coach P is one of the most inspirational persons I’ve met. As one of his former athletes, I have and continue to, always look up to Coach P as a mentor and great friend. He has done so much for the community and his school, and I am honored to know such a giving person.

    Thank You for everything Coach P! I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.

    Carlos Phillips

    GreenLabel Graphics & Designs

  • Rene Plasencia es todo un profesional, ademas de ser un excelente maestro y entrenador es un buen amigo, tanto individual como en equipo reciben todo el apoyo que se necesita tener de un buen líder como lo es él con su equipo, así como lo es con los padres. Aportando la ayuda que necesitan, bien sea información, materiales, consejos o simplemente comprensión. Rene Plasencia, permite que su equipo tenga confianza en él y le brinda todo el apoyo y sus preocupaciones en situaciones tanto educativas, físicas y personales, creando en su equipo la confianza necesaria para que en cualquier vicisitud de la vida puedan contar con su apoyo y ayuda. La confidencialidad, respeto y fortaleza que Rene brinda a su equipo es parte de lo resultado de lo que hoy día es un buen equipo.

    En especial Andres Arroyo, quien se ha destacado en el deporte de pista y campo al igual en Cross Country, gracias a la ayuda y perseverancia de este gran líder. Es sorprendente ver a un maestro y entrenador que toque la puerta de tu casa por que le preocupan ciertas necesidades de tu hijo, sea que necesite zapatillas de correr nuevas, tenis de practicar, o como llevarlo a practicar temprano en la mañana a otros lugares, etc. A nosotros en lo personal como padres nos sorprende mucho ver como un maestro y entrenador de la escuela de nuestros hijos, fuera tan dedicado y perseverante en sus objetivos. Dios bendiga al ser humano que es Rene, por que ademas de ser maestro y entrenador a sabido ser un buen amigo. Tiene todas las cualidades que caracterizan a un buen líder!

    Familia Arroyo-Dominicci
  • Coach P has influenced and helped me understand how the decisions I was making in my life, wrong or right, would impact me in the future. I don’t think I ever really let him know how much I appreciated all the effort and time that he invested, not only in me personally, but in all of the students that he has personally impacted throughout his life as a teacher, mentor, coach, and friend. Coach P, I greatly admire that in you and I thank you for all of your efforts.

    Carlos Alvelo

    Colonial High Class of 2003

  • I first met Rene at the weekly YMCA running club about 7 years ago. Even though my son would be eventually attending Winter Park High and not Colonial, Rene was a terrific help to me and my son. When my son began looking at colleges to attend, Rene was instrumental in helping him find a school that had a running team that he could join. All this said, Rene does care about all kids and their future. Rene said he cares about his “Colonial” family, but he takes an interest in all high school students, as evidence in what he did for my son.

    I currently work with Rene as a volunteer cross country and track coach and am honored to be a part of his “Colonial” family. Rene is an excellent leader and I know he is sincere when he says he would like to give back to his community and I believe he will do his best to do just that.

    Kathy O. Gagnier
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