“We are a nation of immigrants, and I am from a family who immigrated to America.  But it must be done legally. I love America and its diversity, but one of the most important tenets of our Constitution is the rule of law.”

-Rene Plasencia

  1. Demand the federal government do its job and follow the law. Expose it when they do not.
  2. Oppose amnesty.  Anyone who enters our country illegally should have to go through the legal channels to seek citizenship.
  3. Florida has no “sanctuary cities” and it should stay that way.  All local law enforcement should cooperate with federal law enforcement when dealing with illegal or undocumented immigrants.
  4. Pressure the Federal Government to deport illegals when they commit a crime.
  5. Support process that will prevent illegal access to state social services.
  6. Continue to require identification to vote in Florida.

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